The Superintendent is responsible for the supervision of all field activities related to the physical construction including safety, work procedures, productivity, quality, and subcontractor staffing requirements. The Superintendent will work with and carry out the direction of the Project Manager with respect to field operations and direct the daily progress of work. The Superintendent must ensure the combination of the field team efforts results in a cohesive product that achieves the required quality and is completed in the shortest possible time.



  • Adhere to CSI’s #1 company value of ‘Safety First’ on all job sites.

  • Direct all field staff to guarantee projects are completed safely, on-time, within budget, and with high quality results.

  • Generate, secure, and confirm all information needed to create, monitor, and modify the progress schedule on a continuing basis with the Project Manager.

  • Provide constructability reviews and site logistics development.

  • Perform safety and quality control reviews and address safety concerns as they arise.

  • Determine whether subcontractors are providing sufficient workforce and hours of work to achieve performance commitments.

  • Utilize 3-week look ahead schedules to ensure on-time completion of project. 

  • Prepare daily reports, job diaries, narratives, and all other regular and special documentation as determined by the company and by the project needs.

  • Monitor the performance of the company's purchasing and project engineering functions to ensure that all subcontracts, material purchases, submittals, deliveries, clarifications, and changes are processed in time to guarantee job site arrival by, or before, the times needed.

  • Be thoroughly familiar with the requirements of the general contract, thereby identifying changes, conflicts, etc., that are beyond the scope of responsibility.

  • Clear communication for on-site coordination of all teams and trades.

  • Maintain the highest-quality client and subcontractor relationships. 

  • Submit as-built drawings upon completion of project. 

  • Travel may be required


  • 5+ years of relevant general contracting experience leading projects.

  • Ability to organize required resources to meet deadlines and achieve high-quality results.

  • Strong technical capabilities and experience using software systems including Microsoft Office.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Strong leadership and management qualities. 

  • Strong problem-solving skills and proven ability to consistently meet deadlines


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